Why I have chosen to travel to Thailand for GRS

Disclaimer: This post involves moderately descriptive narrative and links to some pretty graphic content on surgery. If you find surgery distressing or maybe are trans and are easily triggered by this sort of stuff – suggest you skip this post.

In 169 days I’m traveling to Thailand for the next step in my physical transition: GRS (or GCS if you prefer). This surgery has been something that I’ve thought about every day of my life since I knew such a thing was possible (I probably heard some transphobic joke about a sex change on TV when I was about ten). So this is almost literally a lifelong dream for me.

People ask me…

I have been asked quite a few times why on earth I’d travel all the way around the world to a developing country to have a very complex, major surgery when I could just get it within a few miles of home on the National Health Service.

People assume my decision is related to waiting lists and not being afford to do it privately here… But that’s not really the case. I don’t really want to wait for the NHS’s absurd waiting lists, but I would. I’ve chosen to go private because the choices are better. And rather surprisingly the choice between a UK surgeon and the Thai surgeon that I’ve selected is more or less cost neutral. Furthermore I could see a UK surgeon privately in about  three to four months which is much quicker than the eighteen months wait that my preferred Thai surgeon has.

So when the wait is longer, the cost is the same, I have to fly to a less developed, non English speaking country on the other side of the world, why would I have chosen to go to Thailand?

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