10 considerations for choosing your new name

This post might be completely irrelevant for you – Many of our people have been carrying a name around inside of for years and don’t need to choose one. However for some, the concept of living as another gender may not have coalesced into specifics like what you would want to be called.

If you have been using a name but it’s not deeply part of your identity, it might be worth evaluating it. Here are a few questions to consider:

1. Is it a daytime name?

I know a few people who decided to transition after a period of experimenting, mixing and socialising within crossdressing circles. Some people in that community have names that might be a little fun or tongue in cheek for a flamboyant night out at a club, but less appropriate for everyday life. If you want to be taken seriously (and I think you will), it’s worth asking yourself if you could imagine being taken seriously in a business meeting or other more formal setting with your chosen name. I call this the stripper test: If it’s a name that could plausibly be used as a professional alter ego for a stripper or porn star – ditch it and chose something else.  

2. Is the spelling ambiguous or unusual?

My old name could have been spelt with a ‘G’ or a ‘J’ and literally every time I gave my name to someone on the phone or an official there would be the standard clarifying back and forth. “No… it’s with a G”. It might not sound like a big deal, but it can be a little more friction in every situation that you may not want if you’re feeling a little socially awkward. If there are two names that you’re thinking of maybe it’s worth weighing them both up on this basis. Continue reading “10 considerations for choosing your new name”