Six effects I experienced when cycling progesterone

I’m having transgender periods. Now that I’ve got that Daily Mail sub-headline out of the way – I’ve been cycling progesterone for two months now as a part of my hormone regime. I’m just in my third cycle and wanted to share my experiences:

Disclaimer: I am not advising you to take any medicine that your doctor has not prescribed. Hormones, when used incorrectly can kill you. It's that simple. I am merely sharing my experiences mostly for my own posterity and a little for the few interested people that read this blog.

Why use it?

This post isn’t supposed to be an in depth analysis of the risks and pros and cons (I may write that another time), but I’ll share a few of my reasons for incorporating it.

Progesterone is the female sex hormone responsible for readying the body to carry a baby. It is present throughout pregnancy but is also a significant part of the menstrual cycle. There is evidence that final development of the breast tissue that makes them potentially functional is caused by progesterone.

Progesterone is a controversial component of HRT because there is a lot of medical dogma based on old medical studies done on the use of a synthetic progestin called hydroxprogesterone on cis women. This cousin of progesterone has horrible side effects and risks (including increased risk of breast cancer).

There has been no study conducted on the effects of natural progesterone on the development of transgender women, so there is just a lot of opinions whirling around.

However there is a growing community of trans women that advocate the use of natural bio-identical progesterone because, unlike it’s artificial cousin, it can actually decrease the risks associated with long term HRT (such as breast cancer). There is anecdotal evidence of it helping to help with breast development and general curviness (bum – I’m looking at you here). Finally it is a part of the female endocrine system, it is meant to work in concert with estrogen and arguably the effects that it causes are a part of the female experience.

What am I taking?

I am taking Prometrium in capsule form, which is micronised natural progesterone. I’ll not share the exact dosage as I haven’t yet resolved my position on advising people on medication and the ethical pros and cons.

There are two approaches some people take it continually and others cycle it. There are pros and cons to either approach. I cycle it because I think this reflects the natural female cycle most closely and I think much of the feminising effects that people speak if is actually related to cycling it.

I do three days at a lower dose, four days at a higher dose, another three days on the low dose again, then take 18 days off it to complete a 28 day cycle.

I may, in the future, switch to injectable progesterone as that is obviously more effective in that it doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system and doesn’t strain the liver in the same way.

So what results have I experienced?

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37 days left to go… and feeling…

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 20.24.17

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 20.24.00

In less than just over a month, I will be boarding a plane to fly to Thailand for GRS with Dr Suporn. Over the last few months, I’ve been oscillating between intense fear and excitement.

Maybe it’s obvious, but the fear has been centred around a couple of obvious things.

First is the obvious pain immediately after surgery. I’ve reconciled with this because I know there will be morphine. Lots of morphine. But also it’s only a week and we are, as a species, programmed to forget pain; Often women that give birth say “never again” then only a couple of months later are talking about having another. The evolutionary imperative is obvious: In ancient times females with this ability would have more babies; Similarly Men that could forget painful incidents would overcome the fear of leaving the cave after sustaining a wound and over time catch more food and increase their chances of passing on their genes. So long story short – I am pretty confident that it’ll be bad at the time, but I’ll probably forget most of it.

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Interim section on my Facial Feminisation surgery

I plan on doing a full writeup of the consultation, the decision to choose my surgeons, the recovery, the emotional side and of course the results. But for now here’s an interim writeup outlining what I had done and the results.