Getting my passport (part 4) – It arrived at last!

Part 1 – My first, failed attempt
Part 2 – 3 trips I took travelling as a woman on my male passport
Part 3 – Second visit to the passport office 

After my second visit to the passport office in part 3, I’d spent the week worrying about whether I’d actually get granted a passport or not.

A few days later I found a small, passport shaped envelope waiting on my doormat outside my apartment. I felt a flicker of paranoia… Maybe it had been rejected and they were returning my old one to me?

Nope – Inside was my lovely new passport. It had my real name, my new picture and probably most significantly to me it had “F” under sex.

It’s just a document, but it feels really significant for a few reasons. Firstly and most obviously it allows me to travel without stress. I now have a document that is indistinguishable with that owned by any cis female.  Secondly, it’s government recognition of my status as a woman; It just feels good. Thirdly it will allow me to enter the next phase of deleting “his” remaining presence in my life; Using my new passport and deed poll together I will be able to get everything except my birth certificate updated.

Getting my passport has been way more difficult than it should have been; I think significant changes need to be made to make it easier and less triggering for the trans community. Having it feels like it was quite a significant milestone, but it was unnecessarily hard won.

Next up: Drivers License.