GRS Diary: 92 Days Post Op – My consultation with Dr Suporn

I saw Dr Suporn today. He radiates knowledge and expertise. It is super calming given that I’ve been anxious about this trip. He looked at my three areas of granulation and said that he could resolve it. Apparently the two areas around my urethra would have almost certainly healed well and the third, that has caused me so much discomfort, would not have ever healed and just as my GP said, would need surgically removing. So this kind of vindicates the decision to not see the local guy who diagnosed me in a very cavalier way over the telephone.

Then he did an internal exam and said I have internal granulation and that it was much more extensive than would be normal hence the bleeding. I had an inkling that I might have a small amount, but hearing a man, that speaks in such a precise way, use the word “extensive” was a little upsetting.
He said he couldn’t see how much, but would know when he had me open. I already kind of knew where this was going, but those words confirmed it. He said he wasn’t going to operate in his little operating theatre upstairs, but that I’d have to go into the big hospital for general anesthesia. I’m looking at one night in hospital if it’s not major. He said he would try to repair it with cauterization and sutures, but he wasn’t able to determine if I need another skin graft; If I do, then it will be longer and I will have to extend my stay out here to two weeks.
He also cautioned that because it has happened early there is risk of damage and there is no guarantee that I won’t get further granulation again before I’m fully healed (at the 1 year mark), so not unlikely that I’ll be back in the future.
I’m pretty nervous at this point. I don’t want to go back to that hospital. I don’t want to eat the food. I don’t want to risk my life through more anaesthesia.I don’t want to set my recovery back to virtually square one. I don’t want to risk losing depth. I don’t want the pain.
That being said – although this procedure is undoubtedly more complicated and difficult than the western alternatives – it was still the right path to choose. Furthermore if I’d had this on the NHS, I’d be in pain and bleeding for six months while I waited for help. I just have to have faith that I will be in a good place in a few months time. I am very lucky – I get to do this amazing thing and I know how privileged I am to be able to do this compared to many that don’t.
  • Barbara

    Omg, of course you are upset by his words, dream come true, so close yet so far, bad memories….. Any other place the healing process could be overcome. Think of it as just another step. Not a sign of something or other. It’s the next step. Not sure if i am helping… Body v mind..

    • Amy

      Things are looking up – will post more soon. Thanks for the message x

  • Helen

    Well at least you’re “sorted” now, hopefully you’ll heal better this time, unfortunately only time will tell.
    Presume BA was the only airline that had had seats available?
    Oh you’ve got the days in the wrong order, 95 and 94 are transposed.