GRS Diary: Day 100 – Another Revision

Dilation since surgery has been pretty rough. The first dilation, I’d lost 3cm of depth and could only manage 14cm. Over the next few days, I worked my way back to 16cm and don’t feel like there’s anymore to go, which is still a centimetre lost, but I can live with that.

Thursday is clinic day. On clinic days there is often lots of sitting around in the waiting area chatting with the other women. It is one of the social hub activities.

When Doctor Suporn came into the exam room, he seemed almost more concerned about the mosquito bites on my feet and legs than my veejay.  He said he would prescribe antihistamines. It seemed really kind, because he could have just left me to sort it out with a local pharmacy.

He then examined me and said that I had more granulation that had formed “very quickly” since my operation last Friday. He physically showed me in the mirror that lumps of granulation look big and scary, but they are essentially sacks of blood and tissue, with very small connection to the body. He said that if this happened back home it would have just healed in a month, but he would remove it today.

I didn’t feel any nervousness at the prospect of a revision – as this would be my third in his little operating theatre above the clinic.

The process is always the same. They apply numbing strips and cream to the area & leave you to wait for thirty minutes. While I waited Aey came an applied cream to my mosquito bites – again so much kindness here. Then I was lead into the operating theatre. It’s slightly dated looking somehow, which made me nervous the first time, but just feels familiar now. Because he was going to cauterize the granulation electrically they put a pad with a wire coming out of it under my arm. Like the other times, Jib stayed to talk to me and it really helps as a distraction. At one point, I felt something that might have been a scratch and I said to her “I think he just injected me”. He glanced up and said “I already did it”. I could then hear an electrical buzzing sound of the cauterization, but couldn’t feel a thing. He then stitched away for maybe ten minutes. At the end of the operation he showed me with a mirror. My result seems to get better and better. I made completely the right choice in coming here.

One of the other women had asked if they could do a group picture and I got one too – it feels like a lovely souvenir of my experience and time hereIMG_0280

Back row: Kookai, Dr Suporn, me, Mrs Suporn, Bow, Aew
Front row: Baitoei, Aey, Jib, Mod

  • Helen

    Has Dr Suporn said why you appear prone to Granulation?