GRS Diary: Day 106 – Return from Thailand – Three Stupid mistakes and Second ‘Three mile high’ dilation.

My last evening was lovely – a number of us went out to the Red Chair restaurant, which is a few dozen metres from the hotel and is known for doing good local street food.

I spent the rest of the evening with different groups talking, but ended up staying up till 3am talking with Dani, a woman that I’d become close to over the last week.

Unfortunately, I needed to get up at 5am to dilate, finish packing and do my makeup. I felt like death as I got into the Supornmobile and was chauffeured to the airport.

The first mistake

Check-in was lovely. The letter that Dr Suporn gives requests a wheelchair and spells out the situation downstairs.

This seemed to trigger maternal nature in the check-in staff who were lovely. She asked me to sit for a moment while the wheelchair came and as I approached the chair, I looked to my empty hand for my horseshoe shaped cushion and my mind was transported to the back seat of the car, now speeding away from the airport, where I’d left it. Over the last few days, I’d been dabbling with not using it, but the idea of a 13 hour flight without it was daunting.

Read on to the second mistake…

  • Helen

    4th line second last paragraph from end, should read “met me” not “me me”.
    Suddenly started getting notifications of updates! Long may it continue
    BTW welcome home

    • Amy

      Thanks Helen. x

      • Helen

        No problem.
        You look to be rather “stoned” in that selfie, but then different people, have different ways of coping with the long flight. Personally I find it difficult to sleep on an airplane, I think I managed about 3 hours going, and none at all on the way back last time. Although I will admit, I couldn’t justify the cost of Business Class, settling for “Premium Economy” instead.