GRS Diary: Day 106 – Return from Thailand – Three Stupid mistakes and Second ‘Three mile high’ dilation.

The second mistake

The lovely check-in woman came over and asked if I’d got medication for the flight before she sent my bag away. I smiled, telling her, that I’d packed loads in my handbag. I then decided that medication was definitely the plan; Get stoned on Tramadol and lack of cushion would be ok. As I fumbled through my handbag, my visual mind was now transported to the inside of my checked baggage, trundling through the bowels of the airport, where I had apparently packed all my pills. In that moment, I was incredibly grateful that my father had, very generously, helped out with the cost of the flight and I’d be able to sleep in a business class bed. I also remembered that I had one sleeping pill in my airplane headphone case.

I had been in two minds about the wheelchair as I was walking so much better, but it was totally the right call – I never could have made it that far.

And the third mistake…

  • Helen

    4th line second last paragraph from end, should read “met me” not “me me”.
    Suddenly started getting notifications of updates! Long may it continue
    BTW welcome home

    • Amy

      Thanks Helen. x

      • Helen

        No problem.
        You look to be rather “stoned” in that selfie, but then different people, have different ways of coping with the long flight. Personally I find it difficult to sleep on an airplane, I think I managed about 3 hours going, and none at all on the way back last time. Although I will admit, I couldn’t justify the cost of Business Class, settling for “Premium Economy” instead.