GRS Diary: Day 106 – Return from Thailand – Three Stupid mistakes and Second ‘Three mile high’ dilation.

The Third Mistake

I’d packed my dilation kit in my carry-on baggage. This was partly because it’s literally the most precious thing I own and because I had an inkling that I might try and do it on the plane again.

I was wheeled to a special ultra fast track security area and took my various cosmetic products out of my handbag. No issue there. Unfortunately my carry-on bag apparently had issue with something inside. I knew instantly it was the tube of lubricant in my dilation kit. In a UK airport, they would sequester and meticulously search your bag. However I quickly pulled it from the tray away from the man and rummaged around and pulled out the lubricant. He looked partially reassured and reached forward to the cloth bag and felt the dilators. “What about these bottles?” he asked. I replied firmly “They are not liquid. Not bottles. No problem”. For a brief moment, I thought he was going to insist on examining the contents and had visions of him waving them around and all his mates publicly having a laughing at the woman with her sex toys. He shrugged and waved me on.

Healing in the lounge

I was still feeling like death. The lounge had a dim sum bar and after far too many dumplings and pork buns accompanied with a black coffee, I felt life return to me.

I found some Ibuprofen and Paracetamol in a pharmacy opposite the lounge and felt a little less nervous about the flight.

Next… The Flight and dilating at 30,000 feet 😉

  • Helen

    4th line second last paragraph from end, should read “met me” not “me me”.
    Suddenly started getting notifications of updates! Long may it continue
    BTW welcome home

    • Amy

      Thanks Helen. x

      • Helen

        No problem.
        You look to be rather “stoned” in that selfie, but then different people, have different ways of coping with the long flight. Personally I find it difficult to sleep on an airplane, I think I managed about 3 hours going, and none at all on the way back last time. Although I will admit, I couldn’t justify the cost of Business Class, settling for “Premium Economy” instead.