GRS Diary: Day 106 – Return from Thailand – Three Stupid mistakes and Second ‘Three mile high’ dilation.

The flight

As I arrived in my seat, I heard those lovely words “some champagne for you madam?”. Even as I enter the third year of transition, ‘madam’ and other variants still give me a slight wave of pleasure… also champagne is always nice right? #Its5pmSomewhere

I worked and also did some writing for this and another blog that I’m just starting. Lunch is business class is always lovely. I had feta and red peppers, followed by steak and then the cheese board to finish. Because of how rough I was feeling, I only had a few sips of wine, which for a woman that drinks heavily on flights was unusual.

On to dilating on the plane

  • Helen

    4th line second last paragraph from end, should read “met me” not “me me”.
    Suddenly started getting notifications of updates! Long may it continue
    BTW welcome home

    • Amy

      Thanks Helen. x

      • Helen

        No problem.
        You look to be rather “stoned” in that selfie, but then different people, have different ways of coping with the long flight. Personally I find it difficult to sleep on an airplane, I think I managed about 3 hours going, and none at all on the way back last time. Although I will admit, I couldn’t justify the cost of Business Class, settling for “Premium Economy” instead.