GRS Diary: Day 106 – Return from Thailand – Three Stupid mistakes and Second ‘Three mile high’ dilation.

Dilating on the plane

Next, as it had been six hours, I decided to dilate as I had done on my last return trip. Let’s be clear – this is pretty naughty and kind of high risk, but given how well things were going, I wanted to avoid the 18 hour gap between dilations. I was lucky in that I had managed to get the two business class seats in the middle of the plane and so had a kind of secret cabin to myself.

Same as before, I prepped by grabbing a few of the big blankets and covered myself. I had packed a paper absorbable mat in my kit and slid it underneath me. I also had the plastic bags that the aeroplane blankets came in ready to one side.

I secretly lubed up myself and the dilator underneath the covers, I raised my knees under the blanket to keep it away from the messiness. The seatbelt light came on. I was quietly pleased as it meant fewer people walking past. I then began to dilate and read my kindle with my spare hand. To any casual observer I would look like a woman doing a little reading before sleep. When I finished, I quickly slipped the lubed up dilator into the plastic bag and then into my carryon. I then cleaned up with kitchen roll and wipes that I’d packed and then pulled the paper mat from under me and rolled it up with all the waste. Incredibly I have twice now managed to do this under the blankets without getting a drop of lube on anything other than the paper sheet.

I slept for the rest of the flight. On landing I was met by a man and was put into one of the little airport golf cars.

It drove in an underground tunnel between the terminals, and took us through a special security line. We didn’t even have to get out of the golf cart to do immigration. My uncle met me and drove me home. It was an incredibly generous thing to do since it must have cost him five or six hours.

My friend was waiting for me at home and we had a lovely supper and evening together. It’s good to be home.

  • Helen

    4th line second last paragraph from end, should read “met me” not “me me”.
    Suddenly started getting notifications of updates! Long may it continue
    BTW welcome home

    • Amy

      Thanks Helen. x

      • Helen

        No problem.
        You look to be rather “stoned” in that selfie, but then different people, have different ways of coping with the long flight. Personally I find it difficult to sleep on an airplane, I think I managed about 3 hours going, and none at all on the way back last time. Although I will admit, I couldn’t justify the cost of Business Class, settling for “Premium Economy” instead.