MYA: You would have to pay me money to have surgery with you

To: Make Yourself Amazing

I’ve been thinking about Breast Augmentation over the last few months. A cis friend recently had hers done by “Make Yourself Amazing”. She was really happy with her result, so I decided to check out your website.

Your page for Breast Augmentation is compelling and makes several points as to why you’d be a wise choice.

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I also noticed that you have a special page for Transgender patients. I was pleased as I imagined that this would be additional information where you would express your expertise and specialist knowledge when selecting implants to accommodate the different proportions that many trans women possess to natal females or perhaps an understanding of how later life breast development might be different or even advise on appropriate timings for this surgery in relation to HRT.

Unfortunately this was not the case. Your breast augmentation page for transgender women is basically a long an irritatingly complex set of documents that they want from you in order to be considered. What absolute bullshit. If I’m a cis woman, you actively pitch for my money; If I’m a trans woman it’s an obstacle course to be allowed to give you thousands.

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Based upon your website alone – you would literally have to pay me money to come to your clinic; Your treatment of trans women is stigmatizing and discriminatory. I get that there are edge cases out there where perhaps a sexually motivated man might attempt this path for some bizarre reason or other, but I think the consultation would throw this up instantly and if you aren’t sure after meeting the person, then a gentle request for a referral letter from a GP or Gender Clinic would be the classier way of playing it.

I contrast this to Dr Kai Kaye of Ocean Clinic in Marbella, who gave me a lovely hospitable warm welcome to his incredibly modern and 21st century clinic. He treated me as any other patient asking me about my aesthetic concerns and desires. I was at no time interrogated about my right to be there or in any way made to feel invalid as a trans woman.

You may not have realised, but cosmetic surgery is a buyers market. I have and will spend a small fortune in this industry during the course of my transition and I can assure you the people I spend money with will treat me very very well. It would be my strong suggestion that you rethink the way that you position yourselves to our community.

Kind Regards