GRS Diary: Day 106 – Return from Thailand – Three Stupid mistakes and Second ‘Three mile high’ dilation.

My last evening was lovely – a number of us went out to the Red Chair restaurant, which is a few dozen metres from the hotel and is known for doing good local street food.

I spent the rest of the evening with different groups talking, but ended up staying up till 3am talking with Dani, a woman that I’d become close to over the last week.

Unfortunately, I needed to get up at 5am to dilate, finish packing and do my makeup. I felt like death as I got into the Supornmobile and was chauffeured to the airport.

The first mistake

Check-in was lovely. The letter that Dr Suporn gives requests a wheelchair and spells out the situation downstairs.

This seemed to trigger maternal nature in the check-in staff who were lovely. She asked me to sit for a moment while the wheelchair came and as I approached the chair, I looked to my empty hand for my horseshoe shaped cushion and my mind was transported to the back seat of the car, now speeding away from the airport, where I’d left it. Over the last few days, I’d been dabbling with not using it, but the idea of a 13 hour flight without it was daunting.

Read on to the second mistake…

Trip to Dr Suporn’s Beach House

Part of the suporn experience is the day trip to his beach house. I did it last time I was here and today I got the opportunity to go again.

Before going to the beach house, they take you to a temple. it is apparently a place for chinese people in Thailandt is, but it’s incredibly ornate and quite impressive to see. There was also a massive drum and huge bell to ring. As experiences go – it’s pretty average tourist fodder, but compared to the hotel it’s the most interesting place on earth.


After the temple, we went to Dr Suporn’s beach house



Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 13.01.27 Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 13.01.13


It’s hard to really describe what it feels like to see this picture; To look at this and know it is me; I am her. I lived a good, successful life but carried around a sadness deep within me at a thing that I thought I could never have. I live that life now. I made it to the other side and sometimes it feels pretty amazing.

Amy x

GRS Diary Days: 94 & 95 – I can walk!

Day 94 – Discharge from Hospital

Early in the morning Dr Suporn came in to see me. He drew a diagram of what he found inside and explained what he did. Fortunately there was no packing inside me, which is a huge relief to my comfort and will mean I can get back to dilating sooner. However I do have a catheter in which is a little uncomfortable and kind of humiliating carrying it around.

I spent the rest of the day doing nothing but chilling out in my room back at the hotel. My whole plan for this trip is just get lots of rest and not try to run around and join in too much of the group expeditions shopping or whatever.

Physically – I was already feeling a lot better without the large lump on my perineum. I was walking much more normally. I can’t describe how big this is for me.

My emotional state was very flat. I don’t really know anything about my future. I don’t know when I can leave. I don’t know when I can dilate again. I don’t know it will be static or dynamic. I don’t know how much it will hurt so many days after the last one. I don’t know how much depth I have lost. I don’t know when I will see my children again. I don’t really feel anything about it – just like I’m some sort of emotional suspended animation.

Day 95 – Clinic with Dr Suporn

I had 9am clinic with Dr Suporn. I walked there, despite them saying they would send the car. He seemed generally pleased with the external healing and then said he was going to do another external exam. To do this he uses a very small plastic speculum which isn’t particularly comfortable, but certainly not excruciating.Using a mirror and a light, he slowed me the internal repairs he had done. I noticed every time I look down there it seems to look more normal, more like a vagina. His work is so remarkable.  He removed the catheter – which is amazing – being normal again.

We discussed my departure date. He was sort of OK with me leaving on Wednesday, but I could tell he wasn’t happy. All I want out of this trip is to get my life back and have the best chance at healing, so I asked when he would like me to stay for. He said “week, 12 days?”. I asked when the last clinic day was and he said the 28th, so I agreed to fly out on the 29th. It feels like a really positive step for my recovery. I am of course sad that I won’t see my children or my close friend for christmas, but that is simply the cost of giving myself the best chance to get my life back and be a better parent, partner and employee as soon as possible. The alternative might be to come home and then relapse again.

I cannot describe how happy I feel at being able to walk. A few days ago I was painfully hobbling along like a 90 year old woman. Now I can walk almost normally. It feels like my whole future is opening up again.

The only anxiety I have is what will dilation be like after five days off? Normally if I skip one, then next is so much more challenging. But it will be what it will be. I’m going to beat this.

I’m starting to think about how to make this trip positive without being too active. The first small thing is there is a trip to Dr Suporn’s beach hut on wednesday. In the normal world it would be a pretty tame experience, but here, in this boring exitance, it’s lovely. It’s just a nice beach villa where you hang out for a day and have a Thai massage. I also have a germ of an idea about going somewhere for Christmas. Pataya is a big tourist town, only and hour and a half away and could be a nice treat. I’m going to look into it.

The image was the sunrise from my hotel window this morning. I posted it because it symbolises things starting to improve.

Amy x