Ten thoughts on: Jenni Murray: “Be trans, be proud — but don’t call yourself a ‘real woman'”

5. FGM is utterly wrong and nothing to do with this debate

Female Genital Mutilation is an utterly evil violation against women. Period.

In much the same way as debating the reality of climate change doesn’t change the fact that it’s happening. Debating FGM doesn’t change the fact that this is a reprehensible assault on vulnerable women. There aren’t two sides on this.

In her article, she mentioned unspecified trans activists that have at some time said something in support of FGM:

Equally, I’m appalled at the repulsive misogyny evident in the response of trans activists who have accused Nimko Ali, a Somali and a courageous campaigner against female genital mutilation,

This does not make these unspecified activists unqualified to be women. It just makes them wrong about FGM. And if it were to make them less as a woman, it is worth noting that Germaine Greer has also come under fire for her views on this subject. In her recent book, The Whole Woman, Ms Greer argued that attempts to outlaw the practice amounted to “an attack on cultural identity”, adding: “One man’s beautification is another man’s mutilation.”

One can be a trans activist and support the vile practice of FGM. One can be a trans activist and not like bananas. One thing is not relevant to the other. Attacking these trans activists for their flawed views on another topic does not make the  trans women’s identities any less valid. It’s another logic trap; Don’t fall for this one either.

And now for number 6…

  • skyler

    Thank you! Some people tend to think that male chauvinists treat people based on their chromosomes rather than on behaviour! I think everyone should be free to live the way they feel comfortable! We can’t brand people as mentally-ill for being homosexual, likewise we can’t pinpoint transgenders for their difference! Everyone’s different, if we follow the trans-exclusionary logic, we should create a wide spectrum of categories to tag people. Not everyone’s got the same experience of life, but we must keep in mind that persecution is not acceptable anyway, people don’t need you to be a woman or black person to harass you!

    • Amy Collins

      Thanks for reading and your comment. Your point about excluding different groups of women was precisely what I was alluding to on the last page. Middle class, educated, straight white cisgender women shouldn’t get to dictate which classes of women they want in their club.